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Combining the power of
anthropology and psychology

ap² combines the latest thinking from anthropology and psychology to exponentially power² deeper insights into human behaviour, and change it for the better.

ap² is a duo consisting of Adelaide Vinay, anthropologist, and Kris White, behavioural psychology specialist.

Paris • London • Sydney

What we do

  1. Anthropology & Psychology review

    Review client challenges, existing reports and data, and enrich with new perspectives, opportunities and way forward.

  2. Rapid deployment research

    Conduct on the ground ethnographic and qualitative research anywhere and report back fast.

  3. Behaviour change solutions

    Investigate, ideate, validate ‘nudges’, short and long term recommendations to drive positive behaviour change.

ap² x Design Fiction

Explore future behaviours through a systemic lens.
Creativity and science meet in this breakthrough strategic methodology to actively define and shape possible futures.

Our Model©

Our work brings together two powerful disciplines that have largely been kept separate until now.

Who we are

Adelaide Vinay


University of Oxford-trained anthropologist, London-seasoned ethnographer, Sydney-experienced designer, Paris-based change maker.

I solve complex business and organisational problems with clients across the world based on a detailed understanding of humans and the networks and systems they live in.

I create, validate and implement solutions that draw on knowledge from social sciences, have proven in-the-field impact, and achieve sustainable societal outcomes.

Some of the subjects I’m obsessed with; behaviour change in health, responsible business and workplace wellbeing, social reproduction and mobility, digital behaviour and inclusion, when cultures merge and/or clash…

I’m Kris’ counterpart and the anthropology part of the ap² duo.

Kris White

Behavioural Psychology specialist

I'm obsessed with all things psychology, especially behavioural economics and evolutionary psychology.

In my 20 years as a qualitative researcher and behavioural psychology consultant, I have worked on a broad range of commercial, government and not for profit projects.

While the context and objectives differ across industries and organisations, the underlying human psychology does not.

I’ve been based in Australia, UK, Singapore, Iraq and Kurdistan and have on the ground research experience in almost 20 countries.

I have a Double Major in Psychology and Philosophy from Edith Cowan University.

I’m Adelaide's counterpart and the psychology part of the ap² duo.

How we work

Scientific Evidence

We draw on the latest academic research, blogs, books and thinking in anthropology, psychology and the related disciplines. And we amplify this knowledge with evidence from the field: qualitative, quantitative, ethnographic immersion, validation, and more.

For good

We work across industries and categories, but believe only organisations delivering shared value have a bright future. We challenge the vision and intention of our clients by considering the social and environmental impact of decisions.


Our discipline expertise means we already have a head start. Brief us. We unpack the challenge and diagnose it with you. Aligning on behavioural objectives from the beginning means saving time and resources.

Real impact

We provide practical interventions and nudges, ensuring real world application through an understanding of client context and capabilities. Proven behaviour change is the true measure of impact.

They work with us